Property Management Code Sample Updates Ship!

We are happy to announce we have shipped another update to the Property Management Code Sample in the OfficeDev repository on We’ve had a lot of success with previous versions of this code sample and it is one of the most downloaded samples we have.  The Property Management Code Sample demonstrates how to create a line of business system with and mobile technologies. The code sample includes a web application built on ASP.NET MVC5, mobile applications built with iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Cordova, and an Add-in for Outlook built with ASP.NET MVC 5. The Property Manager web application demonstrates many different patterns used in real world scenarios. At a high level, the Property Manager web application does the following things.

  • Provisions the Site Collection used by the Property Management web and mobile applications
  • Provisions

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code-based sandboxed solutions disabled by september 1, 2016 in office 365

Code-based Sandbox Solutions being Disabled for SharePoint Online

being Disabled by September 1, 2016 for / !  In the Office Network at (a great community for information, alerts, changes, and community support) people were clearly frustrated with the not only the change but the timing and lack of support for exceptions.  Anyone in Office 365 / Online who is heavily invested in code-based sandboxed solutions or has purchased 3rd party / vendor created solutions are stuck scrambling to meet the deadline and also stuck with the dev bill, fall out from management if it's not fixed, and also the change management/communication burden as well.  The change could have huge implications depending on the number of customizations, complexity of the code, and the time taken to write it originally/time to rewrite the code using CSOM within any given environment.  I imagine there

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