Dell Precision Specs Image Holder

Use Microsoft Office Suite Inside Chrome Browser

The gives you quick access to your recent documents, storage, local documents, opens them directly in a fully functional browser version of the respective Office application, and more. This is a bit of old news (well over a year in fact) but I have never really seen anyone else using before so I thought maybe some of my readers might find this useful. I am HUGE fan of extensions and use them extensively.  In fact, I have so many I am constantly fighting with which ones to disable/enable to save space next to the address bar.  I used to have so many that I would often crash the browser or slow my OS down to a standstill.  Although, the second issue is no longer a problem due to the purchase of my Dell Precision laptop (6th generation

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Pokemon Go App for Smarthphones

“Eyes up, Poké Balls down, people,” Pokemon Go Hit Underscores Nintendo’s Potential in Mobile Gaming – Bloomberg

Nintendo gains over 35% share increase after releasing an mobile App.  The Pokemon Go is an augmented reality adventure game which uses the users camera and sensors such as GPS, accelerometer, clock, etc. and then overlays virtual characters and game elements over the images returned by the camera sensor.  Augmented reality is NOT a new concept and has actually been around for much longer than smart phones.  Its already being used in high end cars such as BMW's to overlay data on drivers windshields, to ensure safety in the oil and gas industry, and in tons of other applications as well.  In the smart phone world they are also nothing new.  When the Android G1 came out (yes I had one the day they were available) there was tower defense game that allowed you to have augmented reality wars with other

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