Skype for Business & SalesForce

Boost seller productivity with Skype for Business and Salesforce

Amidst all the disruption that enterprises are experiencing today, one thing has remained constant—real-time communications are still fundamental to workplace productivity. By embedding real-time communications into applications, with integration with you can instantly transform business processes, make them more agile and deliver a better service to your partners and customers. Earlier this year, we announced an update to the Web SDK, which enables you to build web experiences that seamlessly integrate presence, chat, audio and video by leveraging Skype for Business services and the larger Skype communications network. Salesforce is a great showcase of how the new Skype Web SDK can be used to deliver a customized and integrated communication experience directly from the browser and without the need for any plug-ins.

Skype for Salesforce

Skype for Salesforce surfaces the capabilities of Skype for Business Online directly within Salesforce to give sellers the

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Microsoft's LinkedIn Purchase - LinkedIn and Microsoft both have open graphs

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Purchase – Why They Did it and Why SalesForce Should be Worried

's Purchase shocked a lot of people whereas others like myself saw it coming.  I read some really good articles on the subject from Business Insider and PC World and wanted to share some excerpts and my thoughts.   recently passed on a buyout from Microsoft because they couldn't come to terms on a number and/or the lack of interest in giving up control of the company by its CEO.  Read more below. Microsoft's LinkedIn Purchase - Business Insider Logo

Nadella wants to reinvent human resources and customer and sales software. He's going to marry LinkedIn with Microsoft's Dynamics and . Dynamics is Microsoft's customer relationship management (CRM), HR, and accounting apps. What Nadella is imagining is a LinkedIn that's so tightly bound with Office 365 and Dynamics that companies will naturally want to buy new cloud services that makes use of all

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