code-based sandboxed solutions disabled by september 1, 2016 in office 365

Code-based Sandbox Solutions being Disabled for SharePoint Online

being Disabled by September 1, 2016 for / !  In the Office Network at (a great community for information, alerts, changes, and community support) people were clearly frustrated with the not only the change but the timing and lack of support for exceptions.  Anyone in Office 365 / Online who is heavily invested in code-based sandboxed solutions or has purchased 3rd party / vendor created solutions are stuck scrambling to meet the deadline and also stuck with the dev bill, fall out from management if it's not fixed, and also the change management/communication burden as well.  The change could have huge implications depending on the number of customizations, complexity of the code, and the time taken to write it originally/time to rewrite the code using CSOM within any given environment.  I imagine there

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The future of SharePoint (and Office 365)

Today Microsoft came out with a mind blowing amount of information, features, previews, and announcements about the future of SharePoint and Office 365 and how it is the core of Microsoft's, its customers, and its partners business. Microsoft said, the future of SharePoint is not about SharePoint, "but about empowering people, teams, and organizations to achieve more." From office Graph, the new developer framework, to Flow and PowerApps, the amount of new features and functionality is absolutely mind blowing. Another interesting and somewhat either unexpected or long overdue announcement was the immediate release and availability of new iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps for SharePoint and Office 365. The key note was delivered by Satya Nadella, himself and shows Microsoft's continued big bets on SharePoint and the Office platform. I, as a SharePoint developer for over 12 years now, am proud to be part of such a huge and vibrant

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Business Requirements Met Through Expert Insight

That is our mantra, our motto, and our promise to you and every single one of our customers We strive to deliver best in class solutions on every project and try only take projects that we believe will be both successful for us but for your business as well.  

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How to activate and add the hidden Geolocation (location) column in SharePoint 2013

I was reading through a bunch of Technet articles today and I found a few things that I had never seen before for SharePoint 2013.  One of those things was the hidden Geolocation column.  IC592039   This column allows for latitude and longitude coordinates to be stored in a location column type within SharePoint.  This can then be coupled with Bing maps and you can create map views natively from within SharePoint from the create view menu!  This also allows for geotags from within photos, from mobile devices, laptops, PC's, and other devices that have access to your SharePoint environment to be able to automatically fill this field from the GPS sensor from whatever device is editing/updating/accessing that specific content.   IC616117     IC616119 Caveats

  1. An MSI package named SQLSysClrTypes.msi must be installed on every

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