Microsoft's LinkedIn Purchase - LinkedIn and Microsoft both have open graphs

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Purchase – Why They Did it and Why SalesForce Should be Worried

's Purchase shocked a lot of people whereas others like myself saw it coming.  I read some really good articles on the subject from Business Insider and PC World and wanted to share some excerpts and my thoughts.   recently passed on a buyout from Microsoft because they couldn't come to terms on a number and/or the lack of interest in giving up control of the company by its CEO.  Read more below. Microsoft's LinkedIn Purchase - Business Insider Logo

Nadella wants to reinvent human resources and customer and sales software. He's going to marry LinkedIn with Microsoft's Dynamics and . Dynamics is Microsoft's customer relationship management (CRM), HR, and accounting apps. What Nadella is imagining is a LinkedIn that's so tightly bound with Office 365 and Dynamics that companies will naturally want to buy new cloud services that makes use of all

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