Microsoft Flow – The MS version of IFTTT


Microsoft Flow the MS IFTTT Equivalent for Office 365. I was trying to explain Microsoft PowerApps for Office 365 to someone today and I used an example of an IFTTT recipe to describe some of the capabilities of PowerApps.  Since that time I would not necessarily use that analogy, because their is actually, believe it or not, an app for that.  Microsoft Flow which launched only yesterday with no youtube video coverage or major hype from MS, can be reach by the public via is bypassing Microsoft’s normal request for access model and is allowing users to directly sign up right away in “Preview Mode”. 


Their is a nice video that demonstrates the functionality and at the beginning they say, “Problem is their is no good way to get your apps to talk to each other, connect them, or is there? Introducing Microsoft Flow for Office 365.”  Well guy voicing over video, their is and its called IFTTT but we don’t doubt your implementation has some great features, is visually appealing, and more familiar to use for Office users.  Sign up and try it out today.  You can also view the Office Blog article about the Office365 IFTTT channels as well by reading



Microsoft Flow the MS IFTTT Equivalent for Office 365 Recipes or “Flows”.
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