Microsoft debuts Bookings, a new Office 365 service for online appointment scheduling | TechCrunch

this morning announced an expansion to its suite with the debut of a new service called Bookings, which will allow customers to schedule..

The new Office 365 service streamlines the appointment scheduling process. It allows customers to schedule appointments by entering into information and picking an open slot. bookings then automatically sends out the confirmation email account under invite and even then send the link to allow the user to modified, reschedule, or even cancel the appointment. it also handles sending out reminders, updates, and cancellations from the business side to the customer. it then seamlessly add the appointment to the specific booking page (you can have multiple) and can even automatically create events on multiple different employee calendars assigned to that bookings page. The service does not require everyone to have a Office 365 account either in fact you only need one business premium or higher level license with Office 365 to qualify for the service and then everyone else is free.

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