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If you have been wondering about how big some of the changes coming to are, read this article.  Its a really good read about how big of a change the new open is.  Don’t forget that the framework was released in preview mode this past week as well  You can read more about its release here.

So the new UX and visuals are great but naturally this raises a number of questions from a technical or developer perspective related to what’s going on “.” How is this new experience put together codewise compared to the “old SharePoint?” If one makes the assumption that this is the direction that SharePoint is headed in the future — not just for but for all other types of sites and pages — what impact will that have on existing 3rd party products and services? What will this mean for custom development on the SharePoint platform on Office 365? Do we still use the old , CSOM, and REST APIs? Will we be able to brand this new experience? These are all questions that inquiring minds want to know, so we should look under the hood and see what we can find.

If you have a first-release tenant, try it out! Activate this new look and click around, upload some docs and absorb the new experience. This article here lays out some of initial thoughts on some of these new implementations and features. The old document library was steady, useful and reliable, but all in all I don’t think many would argue that the new document library isn’t a much sharper and slicker experience. It’s responsive in every sense of the term. It’s responsive in that it scales down for tablet and mobile views which is really nice! It’s also responsive in the sense that the responses to interactions and events (clicks, drag-and-drop, etc) are practically instantaneous making for a very snappy experience. It’s exciting to see the SharePoint team taking things in this direction and we look forward to seeing all the other areas of SharePoint moving to this new UI / UX.


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