Google aims to teach kids to code with its release of Project Bloks

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Google has introduced a new platform, named Project Bloks, to help kids learn how to easily program and code various projects.Google has introduced a new hardware platform, named Project Bloks, to help kids learn how to easily program and code various projects.

As a developer for over 20 years now, I am really excited about Google’s Project Bloks and to see new strides in teaching people the fundamentals of writing code. My first experiences on computers were on my parents Commodore 64, a word possessor that could only do orange text on a black background, and the Apple 2E my aunt and uncle had playing math blaster and other classics of that era. My first foray into the technical word was when I learned how to use commands in DOS, edit the boot file, .bat, and .sys files for Windows 3.1, and how to boot into dos by holding shift so I could play games like Phantom of the Opera, Mist, and 12th hour on my 286 and 386 computers. I actually began in terms of scripts and HTML back in the days of Geocities and Angelfire making web sites about my life, fan sites of bands, and general tooling around with visual basic in the late 90s when I was in middle school. The middle school I went to was the first one in the state of Florida to have a computer in every classroom and I was fortunate enough during my 7th, 8th, and entire high school years to have a full period every day with free roam around the school as a computer technician working on computers and the schools token ring doing general help desk work for my computer teacher. So yes, although I am now in my early 30s, I have actually been coding for over 20 years. As a father of 2, i have always wanted to get my kids excited about not only what it is that I what I do for a living, but one of my life long passions. I found Scratch by MIT and Scratch for Kindergarten about a year ago and passed it on for my son to begin playing with, I recently found out about Apple’s Swift Playgrounds (looks like minecraft a little?), but I am most excited about Google’s new Project Bloks. With kids raving about and addicted to games like Minecraft which have absolutely no end goal and are strictly focused on building, creating, learning, and generating your own world, its great to see this area expand and evolve to give kids (and adults alike) a space to transform there skills from those types of games into marketable skills that will help society as a whole.

I learned almost everything I know about circuit boards and from my Dad. He worked for Centel and later Sprint as a central office technician. He was the guy who wired all the wires coming into the central office from your house to the outside world so your phone would work. He would always bring home all kinds of discontinued electronics and hardware for me to play with and I would take them apart or use them to play with (even though none of them really worked) back when kids actually had to pretend and electronics were to expensive for most people to afford to give to children.


Now that we have reached the future, its a great to see things like Project Bloks coming to markte. It is a hardware based platform that gives kids tangible programming experiences by allowing them to hook up the various pieces to a “brain board” and build computational thinking similar to work flows. You can build sensor labs, music makers, and even a coding kit. Check it out and let me know what you think. I will definitely be getting a set for my kid ASAP.
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