Are you bleeding corporate information through SMS Texts Safer than email?

Are your messages really safe?  Although we live in day when there is probably no NSA safe conversation even remotely considering our telecommunications and global satellite systems. Although in our the post wikileaks world that is what most people think of when they think of encrypted chats, emails, markets, etc. The way bigger, more practical question, as CTO, CIO, IT Director, and/or Joe End User with his common early onset PEBKACitis that you should be asking  my corporate data looked at or stolen over mobile devices or laptops or other means and if so how do I control it.

Personally I use signal for my SMS encryption. It also does encrypted phone calls. It integrates with ur phone and becomes your default messaging app. If a user has signal then the messages are automatically encrypted. If they don’t it will show in a padlock unlocked and has option to invite that user to signal. You don’t need a separate username and password or account either! It runs right off your telephone number. If you call someone it will know if that person has signal and automatically call using signal otherwise it routes to the default phone app and runs the call unencrypted there. Another great thing about them? They don’t log anything, none of the encryption happens on there servers, and they have open sourced the code and its peer reviewed.
Get signal for my device now!


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